Kristian Hverring (b. Denmark 1974) is an artist and composer whose work investigates how we perceive sound and the way it informs our experience of the world. Some of his works transform discarded everyday objects into loudspeakers or he uses binaural 3D sound in headphones to make intangible sound vibrations in thin air feel like tactile physical entities.

Hverring is interested in how listening is affected by spatial and temporal stimulus. This is reflected in works such as the series 1 + 1 = 3 [30 seconds] where the location and the interaction between the participants are as big a part as the performances in the pieces.

Hverring’s work fields include live performances, installations, audio recordings and video. He has composed music and sound design for stage art for among others: Convoi Exceptionnel, The Navidsons and Hotel Pro Forma, with whom he won a Reumert award for Performance Of The Year in 2017 with NeoArctic.

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