clang (record label)
phloq (record label)

Other projects

LYT TIL KBH - an art project about listening to the sounds of the city. A collaboration with architect Jakob Oredsson.
Hotel Pro Forma - one of the most provocative, inspiring and innovative production companies in the experimental performing arts. Krishve has been associated with Hotel Pro Forma since 2012.
Problèmes de Communication - Krishve is in this band.
Ghost Flute & Dice / Ghost Flute & Dice (facebook) - Krishve is in this band.

Additional links of possible interest

Macumbista - aka. Derek Holzer
Tonehoved - aka. Anders Børup
Simply Superior - Andrew McKenzie (The Hafler Trio) actualising the unmanifest
Vigga Vangsgaard - Artist
Kati Linek - field recordings + electroacuostic - collaborator on Caution and Tiny Giants